• Kanusha Nanayakkara We were very fortunate to find Nilu, immediately after the shocking diagnosis, last year. We entered with hope, and within a year acquired limitless confidence in myself, my child, and the I Do At My Pace program, which exceeded all our expectations, giving us joy for the present, and optimism for the future. The past year was crucial to her development, and we are grateful for the life-altering experience. Nilu has helped Aryana make such amazing progress that I recommend ‘I Do At My Pace’ to anyone, who is a parent of a special child. This program has changed our lives for the better, and has given me the tools and skills, to be better equipped to believe in Aryana, to continue with the required activities, backed by continuous support and feedback from Nilu. Aryana enjoys her therapy sessions with Nilu, and looks forward to seeing Nilu, regarding her as both playmate and educator:) In a nutshell, Nilu helped me to reach out to my daughter, so as to be the special mum, to my extra ‘special’ daughter. She helped us see things differently, and to look at Aryana, and life itself, in a more positive light. Thank you, Nilu, for your undying faith and persistence in Aryana, throughout her journey, even when mine failed.
  • Sharmini Senaratna Herath
    As a Special Educational Needs Trainer and a Child Development Enhancement Specialist of The Global Alliance of Special Educational Needs and Child Development Enhancement, I have had the pleasure of training Nilu and working with her on a voluntary basis at The Lady Ridgeway Children’s Hospital, Colombo’s Child Development Center with a variety of children with eligibility including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Cognitive Impairments, Speech/Language Impairments, Hearing and Visual Impairments and Developmental Delays. Nilu shows genuine concern for her students, She tries to get to know them very well and determines the best method to help them progress to the next goal. She individualized instruction and helps each child reach his or her optimum level of achievement. In my opinion, children will benefit greatly if they get the chance to have Nilu help them.